Kid’s Play Toys

All about kids’ play toys

Playing is the basis of learning for children. They use play toys to imagine a whole world of things in one room. Their creativity and imagination are far beyond those of adults.

Pretend play toys are usually scaled down versions of items ordinarily used by adults. Popular ones include a pretend play kitchen, a vacuum cleaner, a barbeque, and a tool bench. These can be very detailed and allow children to see how these items work in their full sized version. It is not unusual to find a child following their mother around the house with a vacuum cleaner, or carrying a tool belt just like Dad.

Kids’ play toys vary greatly by age and by the interests of the child. Some children like to model after their parents and will be seen carrying plastic briefcases and purses with them wherever they go. Others are in their own little world and like to create with building and drawing toys. There are toys and toy collections for all of these purposes. You can even buy play food, so that kids can pretend to help with meal preparation. This is good experience for girls and boys, to let them know where their interests are.

Kids often enjoy playing school, especially if they aren’t sure what to expect when they have to actually go to one. School play toys include desks and tables that can be used to play student and teacher. Sometimes flip charts and magnetic boards are also useful and fun to use with magnetic letters and numbers.

Playmobil Toys

Playmobil toys are very popular with children. They are designed for children aged 18 months and up. Younger children will enjoy the playmobil 1-2-3 toys, with larger pieces. They include farm, circus and safari play sets, as well as individual pieces like planes, fire engines, racing cars and police cars.

The other set of playmobil toys are geared towards children four years of age and over. They are divided into themes, such as knights, pirates, dinosaurs, construction, rescue and police. These offer everything from individual characters and animals to fully detailed pieces like the police station and hospital.

Children can enjoy playing with each piece they get, and as their collection grows, they can see how they work together. Many of the playmobil sets have moving parts, such as helicopter propellers, and the rescue vehicles include flashing lights.