Board Games

The best board games

Board games are fun for the whole family. In fact, some companies are trying to establish a family game night. There are new games coming out all of the time, but the old favorites are also available. Games seem to find a fit in different situations. Some are more geared towards family fun, while others are more competitive.

Traditional Board Games

The Monopoly board game is still the best selling game available. It was created in the 1930s, and is still available in its classic form. The idea of Monopoly is to buy properties (houses, hotels), as you go around the board. You collect rent from the other players as they land on your properties. The winner is the player who forces all of the other players into bankruptcy. There is also a Monopoly Junior game. This game has simpler rules, and is over when the first person runs out of money. It allows children to count money, although smaller bills than in the original, and teaches them to take turns.

Competitive Games

Equally popular is the Scrabble board game. The game board is set up similarly to a crossword puzzle, with players taking turns trying to make words. Players get points based on the value labelled on each letter – common letters are worth one point, while Q and Z are worth ten. The board is also marked with triple and double word scores, as well as triple and double letter scores. The center square, where the first word begins, is worth a double word score. There are several national and international Scrabble tournaments played each year. The key difference in competitive scrabble is that the turns are timed.

Chess board games are also subject to great national and international competitions. The idea behind chess is to capture the opponent’s king. This is done by a series of strategic moves. It also helps if you can anticipate your opponent’s moves. Chess is a good way to train to think analytically, and requires a great deal of patience. It may not be the best way to introduce children to board games.

One of the newer types of games is trivia board games. The game that began this trend is Trivial Pursuit. A general trivia game created in the early 1980s it went on to inspire the creation of trivia games with questions about several topics such as movies and music.