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The best toys and games

Toys are important tools in the development of children. They offer amusement and fun, as well as opportunities for learning and creativity. Toys and games are most commonly associated with children. More and more, however, they are used by adults as well.

Learning Toys

The early stages of child development are greatly enhanced by the use of learning toys. These include toys and games aimed at particular ages, intended to help them learn a particular skill. Baby toys are usually brightly colored and often make a noise. This may be a striped rattle, or a bouncy chair that plays music. They help babies to become aware of their surroundings, as well as helping adults to assess the children’s stage of development. Simple wooden blocks allow children to learn letters and numbers, as well as developing hand-eye coordination and creativity. Bouncing balls help children to understand spatial relationships, and the concepts of here and there. Older children learn similar lessons from building with toys such as LEGO. Once children are getting ready for school, toys made for learning letters, numbers, and shapes are in great supply. Anything from flash cards to mini-computers are available to get children ready to enter the formal education system.

Dolls are most often thought of as toys for children – mostly girls. However, like many classic toys, dolls are often considered collectors’ items.

The most famous toy shop is probably Toys ’R’ Us. They provide toys in just about every category available, from infant learning toys to video games for teens and adults. Many cities also have independent toy stores that often advertise more of the educational toys and games for children. You can often find some items at these stores that cannot be found in the larger chain stores.

Outdoor toys are a great way to entertain children during the warmer months of the year. These can include inflatable pools, as well as sports sets made especially for little hands. Ride-on toys are also very popular. These start with basic wagons for carrying toys and riding, and have now grown to include very large electric cars that are scaled-down versions of Jeeps and tractors.