Safe Stuffed Toys

Find safe, soft toys

Soft toys go back many, many years. Teddy bears have been historically the most popular stuffed toy, with the first teddy bear dating back to 1902. We've come a long way since then, with the stuffed toy market encompassing animals from bunny rabbits and dogs to the more exotic species.

Soft stuffed toys can take many forms. Most often thought of as being animal shapes, they are also made into shapes of people, cartoon characters, and even blocks for babies. Their outer shell can be made of cotton, or any other material that is soft to the touch. Their insides are stuffed with plastic pellets, beans, cotton and other synthetic fibers.

Soft toy animals are the most common form of soft stuffed toys. Of these, soft toy bears are the favorites. They are the symbol of childhood comfort. People often remember, or even still have, their first bear. They help people to maintain the feeling of innocence.

Soft toys used to be considered as toys and gifts for small children. These days, however, stuffed animals are often given as gifts to commemorate occasions for people of all ages. They are used as expressions of love on Valentine’s Day, and as congratulatory gifts at graduations.

If something is thought to be extremely soft, it is referred to as baby soft. This is certainly the case for baby soft toys. For a baby to use a toy, it must not have any edges or loose pieces that may hurt a baby. In the case of baby toys, many toys are rethought into a soft form. Rattles can be soft – with the rattling part deep inside the outer shell of the toy. Blocks, balls and even mobiles can also be made in a softer form.

Disney Soft Toys

When considering fun and toys, thoughts often turn to Disney. As tie-ins to their much loved characters, Disney soft toys are available in many different sizes and shapes. These, along with other Disney-related merchandise, are popular all over the world. Children, who have never seen a Mickey Mouse cartoon or movie, know who Mickey Mouse is. Winnie –the- Pooh is still a childhood favorite, although the original books were written in the 1920s.