Plush Stuffed Toys


Finding plush stuffed toys

Plush toys are similar to other soft toys, but have a plush outer shell. They feel very soft, and have a short fur-like outer shell that is very comforting to small children. It can often feel like a pet to the child, and is lower maintenance than older stuffed animals, because it is more like a velvet coating that can be brushed clean or cleaned with a damp cloth. It is a very luxurious fabric, and is often used to make designer toys. It is also a more durable fabric than you see in older stuffed animals. Some of the classic and vintage animals start to show their age, particularly with multiple washings, but plush seems to stand the test of time.

Plush stuffed toys can take many forms. Their outer shell is incredibly soft, and they are stuffed with plastic pellets, beans, cotton and other synthetic fibers. The most frequently seen plush toys are plush toy animals, among them the many favorite teddy bears. More recently, there has been a rise in popularity among other plush animals, particularly plush toy dogs. These toy dogs come in many varieties. Some of them are simply meant for cuddling. Others are battery operated and can make barking sounds and do tricks like jumping and flipping over.

Many toys other then stuffed animals are made of plush. The soft smooth texture of plush makes it perfect for baby and toddler toys, such as blocks and books. These are fun and great comfort toys. They are a great way to make young children familiar with objects that they will be playing with as they get older.

Disney Plush Toys

All of the favorite Disney characters are available as Disney plush toys. Some offer the unique feature of being allergy friendly. This means that they come with specific care instructions including putting them in a freezer for 24 hours then washing and drying them every six to eight weeks. Allergy friendly Disney plush toys include Winnie-the-Pooh, Tigger, Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Dumbo. This allergy friendly process may seem like a lot of trouble, but knowing that a plush animal is well enough made to withstand frequent trips to the freezer and washings should give them a vote of confidence.