Stuffed Toys

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Best Cleaning Tips For Stuffed Toys

There’s Dust in My Fur!

It’s a good idea to dust your plush pals regularly, before the tiny pieces of grit become overwhelming. All you need is a duster or even a damp cloth to gently wipe off the accumulated residue. You can even toss them in the dryer with some scented dryer sheets. If you set the temperature on high, it will kill any germs that your plush friend may have picked up. About ten minutes in the dryer should freshen up your stuffed toy. You can also kill germs on plushies with a disinfectant wipe. Taking the dust off of the fur can really freshen up a plush toy!

Miracles Can Happen!

What about the toy with a bad stain of some unidentifiable gunk? Don’t despair, your favorite toy can be cleaned, so you don’t have to toss out that childhood friend! What you need is some carpet cleaner and a toothbrush. The toothbrush is just the right size for most toy stains and is still delicate enough not to damage the toy you are trying to restore. Squirt some carpet cleaner on the brush and very gently rub the stain. Afterwards, rinse your plush animal in cold water until the carpet cleaner is removed and the water is clear. Put your stuffed toy in the dryer as described above and fluff it for ten minutes. If it is still damp, you can let it air dry. After it dries, you can clean it further with a disinfecting wipe to remove any germs, especially if a child is going to come in contact with the plush toy. This technique can really renew a favorite plush friend.

Don’t get frustrated when your favorite stuffed toy gets a little dusty or dirty. A little effort can restore even a grimy animal to its original luster. You and your favorite plush animals will be a lot happier after a good cleaning! So don’t throw out your old stuffed toys; clean and restore them!