Kid’s Outdoor Toys

Kid Outdoor Toy

New and Old Kids’ Favorite Outdoor Toys

Learning is play and play is learning. This also includes exercise. That’s why on many Christmas lists this year kids outdoor toys will no doubt be included. Playtime for kids is a real treat for parents and children alike, because the winter break is much too long for energetic children, so to be able to play outdoors or in a large inside play area will keep them happy, healthy and their mothers sane.

One outside toy that never goes out of style is the trampoline. Jumping up and down and performing flips is great exercise, burns calories and gives the child something to do to keep from succumbing to boredom. Just be sure to place a protective barrier around the trampoline to prevent injury to children if they should slip and fall. Another great fun toy is a dirt bike especially for children 10 and over. Sleds, tree houses and playhouses rule with most children.

Children need to use their muscles and their minds and what better way than with some of the newer outside toys for kids this year? There are the Guide play sensory stepping stones for ages 6-7 years that teach balance and eye control as the child views the different textile designs of each stepping stone when they jump forward. Another is the Guidecraft balance base. This toy works on balancing and muscle tone by rocking back and forth while standing on it and can be reversed for other types of play.

For younger children ages 3-5 years, placing Guidecraft drive-time signs outside for them to maneuver their tricycles around is a challenging and fun way to exercise their minds and their legs, and also teaches problem solving. Pedal cars such as the Pink champion, are fun to drive for children ages 3-6.

Older children will prefer toys that used more skill such as the Nerf N- force sword. The kids can go at it and nobody will get hurt. How about a green toy that is safe for the environment? The Green Toy Ecosaucer fits that description. Made in the U.S. out of milk cartons, it is sure to be fun for any ages. If you don’t mind a little mess outside, why not get your kids the marshmallow archery set? it uses real marshmallows and can hold up to 25 large ones.

For parents with more than one child, you will be delighted when you see them playing on the Step 2 Skyward Summit Climber. This big 80 inch mountain has holes to grip as you climb and is quite challenging. For more information on outside toys that stimulate the mind and exercise the body, the Internet is a great resource.