Inflatable Water Toys

Inflatable water toys and more

If you have a pool in your back yard, water toys can add to the fun. Many inflatable toys are also quite portable, so you can take them when you visit others with pools, or even when you visit a pool at a hotel, or a lake.

Inflatable Water Toys

A lot of fun can be had in the water with inflatable water toys. The most common of these is the beach ball. Inflatable balls come in many sizes and colors, and can be used by themselves or with inflatable basketball nets or large inner tubes, to turn it into a game. Inflatable boats and chairs can also be used for races or just lounging on a hot day.

Other Pool Toys

There are several pool water toys that can enhance the swimming experience for children and adults. Plastic boats are fun for younger children. Diving rings thrown into deep water give children a great game to get them used to swimming in the deep end. Perhaps the most popular pool water toy is water guns. There are so many types of these guns, from small pistols that invariably leak, to powerful super soakers that seem to last for hours.

Water slides are also fun in a backyard pool. They come in all sizes. There are long curved slides, straight slides and even covered slides. To make these more slippery, they often have hoses attached to them to keep them wet. Smaller children can enjoy small plastic slides that let them ease slowly into the arms of an adult or directly into the shallow end.

A very versatile item for the pool is the pool noodle. It is made of foam and comes in many colors. It is a very useful tool in helping children learn to swim. They can be tied around their waists to help them float, and can be used to tow the children around the pool. Once they are more confident swimmers, they can use the pool noodles to sit on and even blow water through them.

To add some sports to the pool, nothing is better than a pool volleyball net. These can be used in the shallow end by younger, less experienced swimmers, and in the deep end for more experienced swimmers who are able to tread water for a longer time.