Fun Outdoor Toys

The most fun outdoor toys

One of the best ways of getting your children to play outside is to have a yard full of outdoor toys. There are outdoor toys appropriate for every level of play, from toddlers to teenager, and young at heart adults.

Some traditional children’s outdoor toys are often made of wood. These wooden outdoor toys include swings, slides, wagons, and sand boxes. Swings offer great exercise and allow the imagination to explore the stars. Wagons let them carry all of their toys around the neighbourhood. Sandboxes allow children to spend hours using their creativity to make castles and roads for their toys.

Some newer sand boxes include a water play center, which is more of a preschool outdoor toy. Young children love to feel the different textures, and see what happens when they mix the water and the sand together. The water side can also be used to clean off their toys, or to let some of their plastic toys go for a swim.

With a big enough yard, a carnival atmosphere can be created with the use of inflatable outdoor toys such as an inflatable castle, or bouncy castle as they are sometimes called. These are a great form of exercise for children, and are appropriate and safe for toddlers as well as older children. Inflatable pools are also great for children, especially on those hot days of summer.

Fun Outdoor Toys for the Whole Family

When it’s time to bring the whole family together, a trampoline is one of the most fun outdoor toys. It is more appropriate for older children, but can be surrounded by a net to make it safer for younger children, with appropriate supervision.

Sports sets also offer great outdoor fun for the whole family. For very little money, you can buy a badminton set that includes a net and volleyball. You can also buy Frisbees and baseball equipment. Be careful of your distance with these, unless you’re on really good terms with your neighbors. You can also practice hitting balls with golf and croquet clubs. And any time of year is great for a street hockey game, or a game of basketball with family and friends.