Music Making Toys


Toys that make music

Musical toys are a great way to harness children’s creativity and imagination. Children are never too young to learn to appreciate music. They shake a rattle, and appreciate that they have made a sound.

Musical Baby Toys

Babies appreciate music as soon as they can hear. They shake rattles, press buttons on soft toys, pull on anything they can reach, and drop things to see how they sound when they hit the floor. Musical baby toys include mobiles that hang above babies’ beds, and toys that attach to the sides of their cribs to help them sleep.

Babies can also appreciate plush musical toys and stuffed musical toys. These allow the cuddly comfort of a stuffed animal, and give the comforting sounds of music and white noise that help children to get to sleep. Often these animals have a particular spot that needs to be squeezed to emit the noise. This can be frustrating for the babies, but also gives them a great sense of accomplishment when they find the right spot.

Musical Instrument Toys

When children show an interest in music, it’s sometimes hard to know if they are serious about pursuing it. Fortunately there are musical instrument toys that allow your children to experiment with different instruments. There are small versions of guitars, pianos and drums. These are usually color coded, so children can follow along with the music that accompanies them, in book form or on a television or computer screen. They do not make the same sounds that the actual instruments make, but give children the feel for what it is like to hold the instrument.

Musical toys are also great for learning. The xylophone with different colors is one of the first educational music toys to come to mind. In most of these educational music toys, the child gets a different sound from hitting a different button or lever. There are also light up toys, where the child pushes the buttons as they light up in different sequences, to make different sounds. This teaches them sounds, as well as showing the importance of order in making music.