Free Online Games


Where to find free online games

There are several sites that allow you to play online games. Many of these have free online games that vary from trivia and card games to action and adventure games. You can subscribe to freebies blogs and even receive a weekly freebies newsletter to keep you up to date on these. Some of the games are for single players and some are multiplayer online games. is an example of a site that offers games for multiple players that allow you to join in adventures, drive and shoot, and enter virtual realities.

Flash Online Games

Flash online games can be a lot of fun. One that is listed under “free time wasters” is called Dolphin Olympics 2. In this game you control the dolphin and earn points for tricks, good landings, and getting other fish to jump out of the water with you. Another favorite is Tony Hawk skateboard games. You get points for doing tricks, jumps and landings. In many of these games, you get extra points for stringing together a series of tricks. Another flash online game is an adventure game called Inquisitive Dave. In this one you move Dave around and he collects items and unlocks doors. It is quite an easy game, and not too time consuming. It also has a good sense of humor. Many of these games can be played at

There are many online racing games that allow you to race in just about any vehicle you can imagine, on foot, or as an animal. There are games that race cars and vans, others that race bicycles and motorcycles. There is no shortage of games if you like to race.

An area that is becoming quite popular is online cooking games. Many of these are for the beginner cook and for youngsters. They allow you to use the mouse to slice ingredients and put them together to make a dish such as soup or pizza. Some let you show your masterpiece in the virtual kitchen when you’re finished with it. Some of these online cooking games actually show you, in a fun way, how to cook – everything from how to buy a turkey, how to thaw a turkey, how to cook it, and how to serve it.