Electronic Toys

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All about electric toys

Electronic toys are very popular these days. Every year, the number of electronic toys grows, trying to keep up with the knowledge base that kids are developing. Several companies make these toys, and are all trying to outdo each other. They are getting very close to real “grown up” computers, except for the fact that they cannot connect to the Internet.

Kids’ Electronic Toys

Some kids’ electronic toys are scaled down versions of adult appliances, made of sturdier materials to withstand being dropped or thrown. These include DVD players, mp3 players and cameras that can actually take pictures. There are also robotic animals and hand held games that can be both fun and challenging.

Some of the most popular, and probably the earliest made electronic toys are electronic car toys. The original Hot Wheels cars, although still very popular because of their design and affordability, have taken a back seat to cars that can run by themselves. They put the controls in kids’ hands. Some of them run in straight lines, while others can go around and under furniture, and even flip over.

Learning Toys

A popular type of electronic toys is electronic learning toys. Parents want to give their children the opportunity to experiment with computers, with the security of knowing that their children will not be surfing the Internet. These educational electronic toys include small laptop computers geared towards children. They come with Barbie, Hot Wheels, and Superman themes, to name a few. They offer specific games and tasks for children to learn, but still have elements of fun. One of the most popular brands of these is V-Tech. They have everything from hand held games to mini laptops, including ClickStart My First Computer for children aged three to six. This laptop comes with basic programs on it to get your child interested in computers, and additional cartridges can be bought to increase their interest.

Some board games and other learning tools have been turned into educational electronic toys as well. The well known flash cards from Brain Quest have been turned into an interactive DVD. One of the positive things about this DVD is that there are no winners or losers. Children are asked questions, given possible answers, and then they can get more information on the specific topics.